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Brustin and Lundblad is pleased to announce our expansion and relocation to 10 N. Dearborn Street, where we occupy the entire seventh floor.

Marvin A. Brustin Receipient of the 2012 DePaul Law Review Annual Sapientia Award. The Sapientia Award, “Sapientia” translates from Latin to “wisdom, is the highest honor bestowed by the DePaul Law Review on distinguished alumnus acknowledging their professional achievement.

Marvin Brustin is also featured with an Alumni Profile in the Dialogue Magazine of DePaul University College of Law. See DePaul Law Review Award section for more information.

$1.32 Million Dollar Jury Verdict for scaffolding case. Tried by Marvin A. Brustin, Milo W. Lundblad and Mark G. Szaflarski. Late Friday evening a jury returned a $1.32 Million Dollar verdict in favor of a local Labor Union employee who fell 22 feet to the ground when the scaffold planks he stepped on collapsed. He suffered a torn meniscus in his knee that was treated successfully with surgery. The defendant argued all current health problems which involved the knee, neck and back were a result of arthritis that existed prior to the fall. Their final offer was $300,000 at trial which was refused. Defendant, a prime contractor, was found liable by the jury for failing to inspect and locate a defect in the scaffold after it had been modified prior to the accident.

$2.5 Million Dollar Jury Verdict against AMTRAK for plaintiff who had two back operations and some resulting left foot numbness and weakness. Amtrak had been conducting surveillance (video tapes) of plaintiff for the last five years trying to show the second operation was not from the accident and he was exaggerating his injuries. Offer at the start of trial was $350,000 but the jury said $2.5 Million. Tried by Marvin A. Brustin and Milo Lundblad

$1.5 Million Dollar Settlement on the eve of trial in Ohio county for death of a truck driver in two truck collision. (Settled by Marvin A. Brustin)

Worker’s Compensation – Employer Penalty llinois Appellate Court rules in our favor – employer’s insurance company must pay $127,000 penalty for failure to promptly pay award. (Appeal by Marvin A. Brustin and Milo Lundblad)