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DePaul Law Review Award

DePaul Law Review

Marvin Brustin was featured in an article in the DePaul University College of Law Dialogue Magazine- Winter 2012 after being awarded the DePaul Law Review 2012 annual Sapientia Award. (See “Breaking News”) The article explained his academic journey which he attributes to the start of his successful career and the interesting life he has enjoyed.

After high school, where Brustin did not have outstanding grades as evidenced by his being in the bottom quarter of his class, perhaps more focused on being co-captain of the football team at that time, Brustin had no inclination to further his education. Based on his grades, he received no encouragement to do so. After graduation, at the suggestion of his high school career counselor to turn his part time truck driving job into his full time career path, Brustin did just that. However, as time passed he did decide to go to college.

Although he did well on the DePaul entrance exams which he contributes to his avid reading, he managed to convince DePaul to enroll him on a “provisional basis”. While in college he found he actually “loved to learn” and even made the Dean’s List.

Hoping to pass opportunity and encouragement to similarly later academically motivated students, Brustin has established a $50,000 public interest law scholarship specifically giving preference to those students.