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Success Stories, Settlements & Verdicts

We are a trial firm specializing in serious injury and wrongful death cases involving construction site accidents, Workers Compensation, medical malpractice, automobile, and railroad cases. We also have bi-lingual services available in Spanish Polish and Arabic.

$1.2 MILLION August 2022 Train vs. Pedestrian.

$600,000 in August 2022 for a slip and fall.

$215,000 in july 2022 Auto vs. Truck

$845,000 in November 2021 for an auto side swipe dispute after trial started.

$1 million October 2021 a partial settlement from a trucking case jury trial pending vs intersection repair contractors

$1.5 million in October 2020 against a Chicago area hospital for an 82-year old widow whose husband died during a testing procedure that required anesthesia. We contended that they did not properly monitor him during the procedure and for lack Of oxygen, he died. Not withstanding the hospital’s vigorous resistance, they eventually agreed to settle before trial after fighting the claim for over 2 years.

$400,000 in October 2020 for a young boy injured in a car accident where his sister was driving and he was the passenger; therefore, compelling him to sue her. The total was shared by the insurance companies of both cars involved just before trial. He received a nasty cut on his head which healed appropriately.

$5.5 million in April 2019, on the eve of trial, we settled a medical malpractice case for a minor who was treated inappropriately for an infection at an area hospital.

$18.5 million in September 2018 jury verdict on behalf of a 12-year old boy who was injured by the prescription of a mental health drug given to his mother when he was in the fetal stage. In addition, it was alleged that the monitoring of the drug was improper. There was an additional allegation that the quantity used was inappropriate. The child sustained both physical spine damage and brain damage, and impairment intellectually. Tried by Marvin A. Brustin and Milo Lundblad for 4 weeks before a Cook County jury who returned 18.5 million dollar verdict.

$700,000.00 in June 2018 settlement for a roofer who fell off of a ladder and fractured his right leg. The fracture was on the top of his shin bone in the knee joint. The Plaintiff was treated by orthopedic surgeons at Stroger Hospital. The fractured bone was not in its proper position as shown in the x-rays. Instead of recommending surgery to correct the positions of the fracture fragments, the doctors instead put his leg into a cast. The bones healed in the wrong position. The miss-aligned bone fragments caused arthritis to develop in the knee joint. Due to the arthritis, the Plaintiff had his knee joint replaced with an artificial one. Although the knee replacement surgery improved his ability to walk, he cannot return to his former job as a roofer or any job requiring physical activity. We contended that the Plaintiffs doctors negligently failed to recommend immediate surgery to re-align the fracture fragments and to secure them with a plate and screws. We contended further that if surgery had been done right away, he could have avoided knee replacement surgery and returned to work. Cook County on behalf of Stroger Hospital and its doctors agreed to pay.

$4.6 MILLION settlement in May 2018 where the contractor did not use a proper backing-up procedure causing the construction laborer to lose part of his arm due to the crushing type of injury to that arm as a result of leaving him in the danger zone when the truck was backing the trailer up and where the connecting latch opened due to improper design of the latch. We were claiming that a truck attached to a trailer carrying a tractor when the latch opened accidently was due to improper design. Done by Marvin A. Brustin and Milo Lundblad at Mediation Hearing.

$1,050,000 settlement in December 2017 of a medical malpractice claim arising from improper positioning during robotic surgery causing nerve and muscle damage.

$550,000 ($600,000 total) jury verdict on April 19, 2017, regarding an auto case involving a Jordanian, documented immigrant, with injuries and a disputed tom annulus, where the last and final offer was $100,000 — Tried by Marvin A. Brustin and Milo Lundblad.

$1,375,000 settlement in March 2017 for a product liability case, in the United States Federal District Court, regarding a defective humidifier, which started a fire, resulting in serious smoke and other injuries.

$600,000 in October 2016 for construction worker injured by dropped equipment – Polish immigrant.

$550,000 in October 2016 for a construction worker falling down at the jobsite whose first language is Polish and who is first generation US.

$550,000.00 in October 2016 for a Mexican immigrant seriously injured by a meat grinder; paid by the repair company and owner, who was uninsured.

$900,000.00 in September 2016 for a victim of a two vehicle accident in Springfield, Illinois, paid on the day before the trial from the state of Illinois who increased the offer dramatically as the trial was about to begin.

$500,000 in August 2016 civil right jury verdict in Pittsburgh for an immigrant who was not treated properly medically in a prison facility; therefore, violating his civil rights. He was a foreign doctor who was studying for his medical specialty. Total verdict $500,000+, including costs, when the defendant previously offered zero.

$2.1 MILLION settlement on the eve of trial in a truck-related death case where the plaintiff was alleged to have walked in front of the wheels of a moving truck trailer.

$5.8 MILLION settlement for a brick layer who was injured in a construction accident when a wall collapsed. The settlement was reached after the trial started. In addition to recovering Workers’ Compensation benefits, we compelled the engineering company that planned the project, the contractor in charge of the work, and the owner of the building to pay the multi-million dollar settlement.

$1.7 MILLION settlement in a medical malpractice case for the family of a 65-year old woman who died as the result of alleged inattentive treatment of post-surgery bleeding.

$9.5 MILLION Jury verdict for an immigrant, construction laborer against a general contractor. (The jury reduced the amount by one-third for contributory negligence). This construction laborer suffered a severe fractured femur and a herniated disc as a result of a fall from a scaffold. Tried by Marvin Brustin and Milo Lundblad.

$675,000.00 settlement in a product liability case from the manufacturer of an improperly guarded factory machine which resulted in injury to client’s arm.

$1.5 MILLION Jury verdict involving a construction laborer’s fall from a scaffold where we showed the scaffold was improperly stabilized. The defendant appealed the case and the Appellate Court denied their appeal and upheld the jury verdict. The Appellate Court’s Opinion made new Illinois law which helped all construction workers. Tried by Marvin Brustin and Milo Lundblad.

$450,000.00 settlement for nursing home neglect in its supervision of a mentally impaired patient during his bathing resulting in his drowning. This patient was in his 30’s, unmarried, with no children. We recovered on behalf of his mother and siblings.

$5 MILLION settlement when a Truck (who denies being there) nudges a van on a slippery Michigan road causing a rollover. Federal Court verdict after final defense offer of $200,000 before trial. Tried by Marvin Brustin and Milo Lundblad.

$2.5 MILLION medical negligence for a foreign Ambassador to the United States of America in Washington, D.C., declined previously by two (2) medical malpractice law firms.

$600,000 Federal Court jury verdict for violation of a Nepali’s civil rights under the United States of America Constitution.

$8.4 MILLION from report, case amount failing to admit to hospital serious suicide attempt resulting in committing suicide at home against the State of Illinois and Illinois Supreme Court permitted litigation to continue verdict and rejected states claim immunity of their doctor employees.